Tour 3: June 2015

Ten Day Tour
Berlin - Romantic Road with Würzburg and Rothenburg - Munich - Salzburg

Day 1: Transfer from Berlin airport or station (depending on where you arrive) to your hotel. In the afternoon, we will go on a walking tour through Berlin. See the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial,Checkpoint Charlie and remains of the Berlin Wall.
Brandenburger Tor

Day 2: Bus-tour of Berlin. Lunch will be on top of the Reichstag, the German Parliament, where you will have a great view over the city and the kids can walk up the very popular glass dome. In the afternoon, visit the two most spectacular museums of Germany: the Pergamon and Neues Museum (a UNESCO World Heritage site). Yes, even teenagers will be in awe! In the late afternoon, visit an IMAX show in famous Sony Center or Legoland.

Day 3: An all day-excursion to Potsdam, a beautiful city with one of Germany’s most beautiful palaces: Sanssouci and the New Palais. The parks of Potsdam are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the afternoon, the grown-ups will visit Cecilienhof (site of the 1945 Potsdam Conference), whereas the teens will visit the adventure park of Potsdam and climb through the trees 10-30 feet from the ground (of course they will be completely secured with ropes). Return to Berlin in the evening.


Day 4: Leave Berlin for the Spreewald. This unique biosphere of small canals and waterways is home to the only ethnic minority in Germany: The Sorbs, a Slavic people who to this day hold on to their traditions and their language. Teens and maybe some of the adults will get into kajaks and paddle through the small jungle-like canals, whereas the rest of the group will sit in the larger gondolas and let the professionals drive them to a restaurant where they will meet up with the rest of the family to taste some Sorb specialties. Or teens may want to visit Tropical Island instead, a huge water park. In the evening, arrive in Dresden and spend the night.

Day 5: We will leave for Würzburg to visit the beautiful Palace and have lunch. From Würzburg we will travel down the Romantic Road, Germany's most famous road passing through scenic landscapes and midieaval villages. We will spend the night in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Day 6: In the afternoon we will arrive in Füssen and visit Germany’s (the World’s?) most famous castle: Neuschwanstein (the “Disney’ Castle”!). It’s a spectacular sight on the foot of the majestic Alps. Visit the Castle, and then the group will split up: the active ones will go on a hiking trip and go down by gondula where the adventure will end with a fun bob sled run. The others will visit the lovely city of Füssen. Afterwards continue to Munich.


Day 7: In the morning, go on a tour of Munich. For exercise, climb the church tower of St. Peter for a breathtaking view over the city (on a clear day you can see the Alps!). In the afternoon we will see the Olympic Stadium. The kids can climb up the roof of the Olympic Stadium (don’t worry, they are secured with ropes - it is an extreme, but safe and fun sport). Or you may want to go swimming.

Day 8: Visit Eagle's Nest and Salzburg (Austria). Try original Mozart Kugeln (marzipan-chocolate candy). See the original landscape of the Sound of Music.

Day 9: A day excursion to Erding for the Galaxy Water slide park. The adults will visit Landshut instead. The Residency is the earliest Renaissance Palace in Germany and dates back to 1500. In the evening return to Munich.

Rathaus: Munich City Hall

day 10: Return to the US, or stay on for more!